Wednesday, February 02, 2005

At Gleason's Gym with Hector Roca

On "Good Day Live" today I was at Gleason's gym in Brooklyn. It's where Hilary Swank trained for "Million Dollar Baby"

I had the chance to meet Hector Roca who trained Hilary Swank, and Maureen Shea her sparring partner. It was such a great time! Hector is the most focused and intense man that I have ever met.

Being an athletic guy I thought it wasn't all that hard to throw a punch, dodge a bag, etc. Wow, I was wrong!

Since I don't have a digital camera I had to use my camera phone, thats me in the ring, with handwraps and all.

Tomorrow night I'll be on the red carpet to interview Will Smith and Eva Mendez along with the rest of the cast from "Hitch"

Friday "Good Day Live" has me going to Boston to talk to some Patriots fans. We'll be in the place where everybody knows my name.

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