Thursday, February 24, 2005

Texas update and an Improv show tomorrow!

Hey guys,

Here's a low quality picture of me in Texas, I was there for "Good Day Live" surprising the winner of the Correspondent for the day contest. The winner was a very excited Cheryl Jackson. She'll be on "Good Day Live" Friday Feb. 25th to introduce a segment. More pictures will be coming soon.

Other news.

I'll be performing with my improv group called "Ugly Stick" Friday night (Feb. 25th)
It's at the "Under St. Mark's Theatre" (On St. Mark's between 1st and
Ave. A). The show starts @ 10:30.

Cost is $5, thats a lot of funny, for $5.

There will also be a camera crew from my favorite band "The Offspring" they will be shooting footage for their upcoming DVD. They'll be interviewing Guy Cohen, who is in my group.

You might remember Guy as the "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" in the Offspring videos.
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