Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Performance Update + Show this Friday Night!

Hey everybody,
Thanks for all the support lately, I really appreciate all the kind words and emails. I'm just dropping a line about what I've been up to lately. Ok, here it goes! Since last update I've done an American Airlines commercial, wrapped on 2 films (Alicia and Wonderland and Cleaner), shot a number of shorter films, and a couple non broadcast industrials. 
It looks like I am becoming big in Japan, since getting the cover of Passport magazine! WOOHOO! I think you can check out the website here, They also link to my daily blog.
I will be performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater this holiday season in the Holiday Spectacular, being directed by Billy Merritt. Details of show dates to come.
Last but certainly not least my improv team Uglystick is now one of the hosts of "Under St. Marks" with Rogue Elephant, which happens twice a month at the theater Under St. Marks.
Under St. Marks Theater
94 St. Marks Place (b/t 1st Ave & Ave A)
Admission is $6
This Friday Night Uglystick will be performing with Rogue Elephant and Motorboat, come out to the show, it will be least WE think so.
The Krane Theater
85 East Fourth Street
First Floor
between 2nd and 3rd Ave (Bowery)
cost $6.00
Don't forget to pass this around so your friends can keep up too.
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