Monday, May 09, 2011

Does ADHD mean a bigger brain?

For so many years we've called it everything from hyperactivity to ADHD. Now it looks like it could actually be "too much brain"! Ryota Kanai and his colleagues at University College London gave a quiz and compared the results of people who are "easily distracted" to those that are "hard to distract."

"...The most obvious difference between those who had the highest questionnaire scores – the most easily distracted – and those with low scores was the volume of grey matter in a region of the brain known as the left superior parietal lobe (SPL). Specifically, the easily distracted tended to have more grey matter here."

They also discuss ways to overcome distractions but since they didn't mention the ultimate buzz word of Gamification I stopped reading and started looking at my cat.

Read the story here:
Easily distracted people may have too much brain - health - 06 May 2011 - New Scientist
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