Monday, June 08, 2009

Google Notebook OUT....3banana IN

I used to love using google notebook, but the big G announced a while back, that they arebasically shutting it down.

" Official Google Notebook Blog: Stopping development on Google Notebook: "Starting next week, we plan to stop active development on Google Notebook. This means we'll no longer be adding features or offer Notebook for new users. But don't fret, we'll continue to maintain service for those of you who've already signed up. As part of this plan, however, we will no longer support the Notebook Extension, but as always users who have already signed up will continue to have access to their data via the web interface at"

I've been looking for alternatives ever since, especially something that would allow me to sync my notes everywhere.


Oh, and can log in using your Google account. hmmmm I wonder...
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