Saturday, June 13, 2009

The "real" TJ Allard

I'm officially the "real" tjallard...on Facebook that is.

My Facebook name grab is complete! Basically I got my facebook vanity url before anyone else did. If you haven't gotten yours yet, you better hurry. 500,000 names were registered in the first 15 minutes! Registration started at 12am on Saturday June 13.

The virtual land rush has become such a popular thing these days that people are grabbing their name at every possible social network...just in case. Just in case what? I have no idea, but I'm on the bandwagon doing my best to keep up with the Joneses.

My question can I leave my name (tjallard) to someone when I die, or decide to change it? Who regulates all of this and stops people from jacking names before someone gets yours and hold it for ransom?

Where does all this end?

Get your Facebook username now.
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