Monday, February 15, 2010

The deafening sound of Google Buzz from the magical internet.

Is it just me or is every blogger/techie on the planet talking about how great Google Buzz is?! Although I have not seen anything tell me how they are using it and why it is so great. I hear all these generic comments about...."It's in Gmail, blah blah, Its a game changer, blah blah..." I love all things Google, including Buzz but, cmon! I don't see an easy way to access settings, and if you subscribe to one REALLY popular Buzzr like Mashable, you are screwed! You are flooded with messages and comments and it turns into a useless mess of "stuff".

So many comparisons are being made between the obvious (Twitter/Facebook) with all these crazy statistics being thrown around, about how many times Buzz has been accessed, how many people check it. (I read somewhere it was like 200 people check Buzz every second, if I find it I will post the link) and if I hear one more person say its a game changer I'm gonna hit them with a wireless keyboard I swear! "Its a game changer because....blah blah...generic statement...blah blah." C'mon...seriously?! I mean I think its cool, and it could really make social media easier to use by streamlining it, but the term "game changer" means just that, this is like a "game power up". Its like the socialblogospherenet just ate a magic mushroom in Super Mario Brother 3, it just got really big very quickly, and now has the potential to really do some damage.

In its current form there is no game changing anything going on. Its more for me to filter every day, and forget posting anything cause you get drowned out by everyone else posting and saying "look I'm here too, follow me"!

I use it, I love it, and I will continue to! I hope Google adds some of the functions we love from other networks, and maybe they will introduce some new, cooler stuff too! I also help the whole Reader/Buzz/Profile integration thing gets either totally merged or at least clarified. What a mess! I have buzzes, waves, starred items, shared items, likes, follows, trends, interesting stuff, recommendations, ARGH!

Not to mention my bookmarks in Google Notebook that isn't even supported anymore, Bookmarks in Google Docs that Chrome created, the list of stuff grows and grows.

Google I love all your cool stuff, and will continue to use anything you release, but lets really focus on streamlining! I think that Buzz is a good first step in that direction, and I'm hoping it's just the beginning.

bad joke alert
I just hope I won't be "Waving" bye bye to the Buzz just one "got it". (Get as in Google Wave) Ugh....terrible joke, I knew it.

Now...lets talk about Google videos. (ha)
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