Tuesday, February 09, 2010

What is all the Google "Buzz" about?

Google announced Google Buzz today which looks like an incredible new way to read, respond to, and filter through all the waves of "stuff" that we get each and every day. This includes photos from Picasa and Flickr, videos from places like YouTube, and all those friend feeds, twitter streams, Facebook updates, etc.

The idea is that since so many people use gmail as their nerve center for their daily information flow Google Buzz will integrate all that info right into gmail. That way it will be in a familiar format that you can go through. You will be able to use your gmail shortcut keys which will make it super fast to go through everything, I love this!

Google Buzz will be rolled out today and all of us should have it "very soon".

I'm really looking forward to being able to manage all my info in one location. Right out of the box it will integrate with PubSubHub, meaning you can post from gmail to it. Posting to other places was also mentioned as a feature in development.

Check out the official Google Buzz Page
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