Monday, April 12, 2010

Google Docs gets an upgrade.

From the Official Google Docs Blog.

"Today, we’re pleased to announce preview versions of the new Google document and spreadsheet editors and a new standalone drawings editor, all built with an even greater focus on speed and collaboration."

Click the link and you can read more and watch the video too.

Of course there's a downside...sorta.

Starting on May 3rd they will no longer support Google Gears Offline for Google Docs. What does that mean for you? Well if you use Google Docs and like to keep stuff on your PC and synced "in the cloud" you won't be able to sync it least for now.

Sometime soon Google will continue offline support through HTML 5. So it'll be faster, more compatible, and easier to use instead of having to install gears on all your browsers.

So if you use Google Docs and haven't downloaded all your documents in the cloud in a while you probably should. Here's how. Exporting Multiple Documents at once from Google Docs.
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