Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tumblr gets more money to burn.

I've always loved Tumblr, and in my mind the simplicity and ease of use it brings to posting on-line should be used by everyone. Now, having said that, I'm not using it as much as I used to because of the simplicity. I hope that makes sense, its a great idea and it works really well but its lacking the name recognition or niche use community that could help it survive.

Unfortunately its another website that's burning money figuring out a way to profit from page views.

The article mentions "Founder and tech wunderkind David Karp" as the man with a plan. From reading the quote it sounds like he has an awesome buzz word generator...I believe its a model from the late 90's. Here's a sample “After looking over our roadmap, John, our team, and I all felt that staying on our current track – experimenting with new paid features and optimizing the ones with early traction – was the best way we could spend 2010.”

Huh? What? They're adding paid features? Really? That makes sense...charge for services that are free somewhere else. Don't get me wrong Karp is clearly intelligent and good at what he does, I just think that people forgot about the fall of web 1.0.

Maybe I'm the only one on the whole magical interwebosphere that's old enough to remember the bubble bursting. If a website isn't making money how many more rounds of funding are they gonna get?

I hate saying it...but "here comes another bubble"

Tumblr Raises Another $5 Million in Funding

Tumblr Raises Another $5 Million in Funding
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